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Jubilee Line - Wilbur Soot


BYF! talk a lot abt genshin, criminal minds. more active on my alt (wp). please use tone indicators. it's either spam or radio silence. overly sarcastic. jokes abt trauma. calls ppl love/darling platonically.
DNI! engages in fanwars / petty drama. on nsfwtwt / nsfw acc. irl shippers. mlm / wlw fetishists. homophobes. -14. transphobes. ableists. anti my fandoms. talks abt blood a lot.


genshin impact, my friends, mcyt, books, criminal minds, plants, halloween, greek mythology, painting, criminology.

FREINDS! char, mina, cam, katie, jamie, toby, mads, lunar, pearl, tomii, katie, hisako + others!


FAVS eminem, stray kids, hozier, mother mother, lorde, lovejoy, conan gray, tomorrow x together, ghost.

REGULARS seventeen, bts, the neighborhood, the wombats, CG5, grandson, the front bottoms, k.flay, the boyz, omega x.